Release date: 2022

Performed by: Anders Eidsten Dahl, Anna Carlsen, Caroline Eidsten Dahl, Daniel Sæther, Fredrik Blikeng, Ingrid Økland, Jørgen Skogmo, Kai Grinde Myrann, Kjell Tore Innervik, Lynetta Taylor Hansen, Maria Ines Zanovello, Torunn Blåsmo-Falnes and Vegard Lund.

Composed by: Knut Vaage

Text: Hanne Bramness

Duration: 24 min 53 sec


Release date: 2022

Performed by: Daniel Sæther, Eira Huse and Ole Christian Haagenrud

Composed by: Knut Vaage

Duration: 7 min 58 sec


"The record opens with Vaage's Winter Song, where the haiku-like lyrics are taken from "Vintersong: Ei bok om desember" (2014) by Hanne Bramness. Knut Vaage's inventive tonal world comes out here in all its fullness, with playful inventiveness encapsulated in a tonal language where you feel involved and participating."

"The composer succeeds in drawing a picture that I also recognize myself in, of a frozen, quiet landscape, where blue-white light covers rhyming fields and moss. The impression of such a world has more of the mosaic than the painting, because in the mosaic sparkles it's different in single stones depending on where you stand. The fjord seems blacker and deeper than usual on such days, a black winter's day that I think Westerners appreciate more than others, I have so few of them."