NB noter bilde

NB Noter

The National Library for Norwegian contemporary music.

Tel: +47 23 27 63 00

Musikproduktion Höflich

Amethyst Edition publishes “Svev, “In Between”, “In Memoriam” for string quartet, “Rabalder” and “Fortuna” for flute and piano. 

Norsk Musikforlag

Email skjalg.reithaug@musikkforlagene.no for rental materials or questions.

Felix Bloch Erben

German publisher that publishes "Da kommt noch wer" (opera, text Jon Fosse).


Norsk Noteservice

Norwegian publisher that publishes "Lydfabrikken", "Lydfabrikken 2" and "Fremad march".

musica ferrum

Editions Musica Ferrum

English publisher that publishes “2nd Movement Meditation.”