Svev: Chamber Works by Knut Vaage

Release date: 2020

Composed by: Knut Vaage

Performed by: Einar Røttingen, John Ehde, Ricardo Ordiozola, Valen Trio

Produced by: Vegard Landaas


"Knut Vaage's compositions, such as 'Bumerang,' 'Rabalder,' and 'Svev,' are not just musical pieces; they are captivating journeys from chaos to silence, challenging our expectations and transcending gravity with refreshing, life-enhancing beauty."

"Knut Vaage's compositions, including 'Bumerang,' 'Rabalder,' and 'Svev,' offer a unique musical experience, blending extended instrumental techniques and harmonic exploration to create a world of texture, shape, and pacing. These pieces, challenging yet attractive , exhilarate attentive listeners and take them on refreshing journeys from chaos to silence."

"Knut Vaage is a subtle composer, both in sound and the ideas behind it, and he has a great breadth in his activities. On his latest record, however, a classical chamber music format is at stake. There are only three works on the hour-long plate, so we are dealing with extensive works."

"'Boomerang' can be perceived as an athletic pursuit of surpassing, where moments of rest or disillusionment with a pounding heart are inevitable. Following the loud intrusion into our ears, 'Rabalder' provides a path for reflection and internal processing of the environment. Lastly, 'Svev' delves into the area between the ground and weightless floating, utilizing various means of creating noise."

"Knut Vaage's “Svev," which translates to something like “levitate,” produced an exact feeling of suspension. The Valen Trio's instruments sounded like the tightly-wound objects they are—an objectivity corroborated by percussive taps on the instrument's bodies."