Nm Brass 2014 - Elitedivisjon...


Utgivelsesdato: 2014

Fremført av: Ila Brass Band og Thomas Rimul

Skrevet av: Knut Vaage

Produsert av: Åsgeir Grong

Varighet: 11 min 57 sek


"....The title-piece, "Graffiti" by Knut Vaage, lasts 12 minutes but also is worth every minute's listening as it developes both logically and enterprisingly and is always accessible. It commences with a swirling line and there's the occasional canoon-like gesture. But though it's slightly improvisational to begin with, it develops ideas compellingly and has well-balanced dramtic shape and form. There's also a persuasive variety of moods and rhythms between its sections, and this stimulating composition would make an exciting test-piece."