Variations Over Variations...


Release date: 2017

Performed by: Miguel Harth-Bedoya and The Norwegian Radio Orchestra

Composed by: Knut Vaage

Duration: 11 min 50 sec

Concert recording

Se konsertopptaket av Knut Vaages “Mylder” på Hovedscenenen.

Performed by: The Broadcasting Orchestra


"The music communicates with the history of music. New works spring from old works, they vary and quote from them - more and less pronounced - all in a gigantic, unmanageable movement. There is something big in this, a kind of dimension that can perhaps be found in the orchestral medium and its size. For the symphony orchestra is almost infinite in its possibilities. It is demanding to handle, but in return like a world in miniature. All four composers on the Kringkastingsorkesteret's last record relate to this. Alfred Janson, Jan Erik Mikalsen, Knut Vaage and Maja Ratkje master the medium; they have understood size and enter into a dialogue with history. At the same time, the works are very different."