Bad News From The Desert...

Breaking Another Wall

Release date: 2007

Performed by: Peter Szilvay and The Norwegian Army Band Bergen

Composed by: Knut Vaage

Duration: 19 min 46 sec


"It is gratifying when new Norwegian music for wind instruments is recorded. And you are exuberantly happy when the musical expression sparkles. For "Divisjonsmusikken" in Bergen has brought three relatively new works into the studio, and together with conductor Peter Szilvay's exploratory conductor's stick created a result that excites and fascinates. And there are several things that really "set" this record. Knut Vaage's "Breaking Another Wall" pushes the traditional band in musical expression. The musicians are challenged in an exciting way and the execution of the work is exciting and appealing. It is funny that Jon Øivind Ness has chosen the clarinet as the solo instrument in "Bad News for the Desert". A work that oozes frustration with American foreign policy - and you can hear it. Here there is a whole bouquet of flowers for soloist Rolf Borch for his eminent playing - both tonally and technically. The album opens with "Songs of Dances and Death" by the Scottish composer James Clapperton. This work is perhaps the closest to slightly more traditional new band music, very listener-friendly with other words. The record is yet another proof that Norwegian military bands belong in today's Norwegian music picture, with their excellent presentation of new Norwegian and international music for brass bands."