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"Gardens of Hokkaido" CD: Review in Vårt Land (Norwegian, pdf)

"Gardens of Hokkaido" CD: Review in Smaalenene (Norwegian)

Einar Røttingen performs "Point of View" in Vilnius, November 29.

"Gardens of Hokkaido" CD: Review in Aftenposten (pdf, Norwegian)

Article in BT and Vårt Land (pdf, Norwegian)

"Gardens of Hokkaido" CD: Nice review in BT

The opera "Veslefrikk" won the ARTE audience awards for the best production at Armel Opera Competition and Festival in Hungary the 18th of November.
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Pictures from perfomance
video from prformance



"Gardens of Hokkaido" CD: Press release (pdf, Norwegian)

Invitation: Release of new CD, "Gardens of Hokkaido". Interview and presentation,
Grieghallen Foyer, October 28 at 18.30


Invitation (pdf)

Nice review from Tromsø (In Norwegian) (and pictures) from the premiere of "Veslefrikk" in newspaper Tromsø

"Veslefrikk"-program on the web p. 14-23

World premiere, Tuesday, September 14, at 18.00, Kulturhuset i Tromsø, Hovedscenen
Wednesday, September 15, at 11.00 and 15.00, Kulturhuset i Tromsø, Hovedscenen (Schools only)
Friday, October 29, at 17.00 and 19.00, Den Nationale Scene, Bergen, Småscenen
Saturday, October 30, at 16.00 and 18.00, Den Nationale Scene, Bergen, Småscenen
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Wednesday, November 3, at 19.00, Szeged National Theatre, Ungarn
Thursday, November 4, at 19.00, Szeged National Theatre, Ungarn

"Håkonarspelet - Kongen med gullhjelmen"
Friday September 3. and Saturday September 4. at 22.00
School performance: Friday September 3. at 12.00
Lyrics: Johannes Heggland. Music: Knut Vaage. Director: Paul Ottar Haga
To be showed in "Moahagen" between Fitjar Kultur og Idrettsbygg and Idrettsparken
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Thursday, September 9, at 19:30, Bodø Kulturhus store sal
Opening season: "Svart Metall" (Black Metal) with percussion ensemble SISU
Bodø Sinfonietta with SISU performs "Svart Metall" (Black Metal) by Glenn Erik Haugland. Also works by Edvard Grieg and Knut Vaage
Conductor: Trond Korsgård 


"Troll", performance by Kringkastingsorkesteret (Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra) at Store Studio August 27. Conductor: Torodd Wigum


Den Nye Opera, program for 2010/11

Einar Røttingen performs "Point of View" on tour in China, June:
Hangzhou, June 24
Guangzhou, June 25
Chendu, June 26
Ningbo, June 27

"In between", string quartet. World premiere
Iceberg: Contemporary music from the Nordic countries
Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Via dei Greci n. 18, Roma
25th of May, 2010 at 20:30
Program (pdf)

"Veslefrikk" will be premiered in 2010 and gets promoted internationally with TV-broadcast to 39 countries
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(From "Veslefrikk")


Concert at Siljustøl:Einar Røttingen, piano
Harald Sæverud: "Lette stykker for klaver, op.14"
Harald Sæverud: "Seks sonatiner, op.30"
Frédéric Chopin: "Vals, a-moll, op.34, nr.2"  and "Berceuse, op.57"
Knut Vaage: "Nesten Rondo, Harald Sæverud in memoriam"
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Knut Vaage is one of the profiled artists at Borealis this year

March 13th 2010
Collegiûm Mûsicûm choir and orchestra
Korskirken, at 15:00
In cooperation with Borealis
Conductor: Trond Korsgård
Soprano: Hilde Haraldsen Sveen
Baritone: Simon Kirkbride
Knut Vaage: "Høgsongen"
More info (Borealis)
(BT, Norwegian)

Kerry Yong, "Cover Me Casio" #1
Date: Thursday, March 11. at 20:30
Venue: Kunstmuseum, Stenersen
Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Klavierstück XVI"
Aldo Clementi, "Madrigale"
Knut Vaage, "Electra"
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"Morphing Machine"
Date: Wednesday, March 10. at 20:30
Venue: Salhus Tricotagefabrik
With Rolf Borch, GNEIS and Salhus choir, co-ordinated by Tore Kloster
More info I (Borealis)
More info II (Åsane Tidende, pdf, Norwegian)

(Knut Vaage and Salhus choir performs "Morphing Machine")


"Oddyssé" at DNS
DNS celebrates violin virtuoso Ole Bull
DATE: 12.02.10, at 20:00

February 10., USF VERFTET, SARDINEN, at 19.00
"Regn" (4’20”)
Stord Con Spirito/lyrics by Ove Røsbak
"Nesten Rondo"
Einar Røttingen, piano
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New piece for BUKO, for their 10th anniversary concert in Domkirken, Bergen, November 27 at 16.00

NSK (Nidaros Strykekvartett/Nidaros String Quartet) presents a new chamber music program:
Concert, November 20
Sallinen - String Quartet nr 3 op 19 ”Some aspects of Peltoniemi Hintriks Funeral March”
New piece by Knut Vaage
Mendelssohn - "Octet op 20 Eb-Major"

AVGARDE Saturday, November 19
Sardinen, USF-Verftet
Knut Vaage: "multiMORF 3"
John Arild Suther, trombone/electronics


Concert with Stord youth choir and Trio Vest, October 27. at 18.00, concerthall at Stord vidaregåande skule (Stord High School)
Music by Bach, Beethoven and Debussy and others
Knut Vaage:
"Regnværsommer" for cello
"Point of View" for piano
"Plokk" for piano
"Gjæsene" for flute, cello and piano
"Nøkkerose" for female choir, flute, cello and piano (premiere, new version)

Odda Literature Symposium, October 15 at 16:00
"Utanfor institusjonen"
Poems/recitation: Lars Amund Vaage
Music/electronics: Knut Vaage

Sunday, October 2 at 21.10, new piece "Mylder" on NRK-Hovedscenen
Watch the concert (from NRK)

Saturday Oct 1. Integra-festival
Arena: Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Studio Hall
BIT20 Ensemble
Conductor: Baldur Brönnimann
Elektronics/video "multiMORF 3": Thorolf Thuestad/HC Gilje
Trombone: John-Arild Suther
Kaja Saariaho: "Lichtbogen" (17’)
Knut Vaage: "multiMORF 3 for trombone og foss" (20’)
Iris ter Schiphorst: "Mein Vater" (Theme: Aung Sang Suu Kiy) World premiere (20’)
More info (word)
Pictures from "multiMorf 3" performance

multiForm 3 performance
(From "multiMorf 3" performance in Copenhagen. Photo: HC Gilje)

Premiere of new piece "Mylder" for KORK (Krinkastingsorkesteret), Sept 10. at 15.00, Aulaen in Oslo
More info
Review of "Mylder" on Thomas Erma Møller's blogg (Norwegian)

BAS celebrates 24 years, concert, September 1., at 15.00, Sandviksboder 59-61A
"multiMORF 2" (for el. violin, computer and video)
"multiMORF 3" (for trombone, waterfall, computer and video)
"improMORF" (for el. violin, synth, computer and video)
John-Arild Suther: trombone
Victoria Johnson: El. violin
Knut Vaage: synth/electronics
Thorolf Thuestad: sound design/computer
HC Gilje: video
More info (word)


14.8 at 18.00 BIT20 Ensemble "Odyssey"/"Odyssé"
Arena: Troldhaugen, Edvard Grieg Museum (summer chamber music series)
Witold Lutoslawski: "Dance preludes"
Aleksandra Gryka: "Ambeoidal"
Lasse Thoresen: "Kvaternitet"
Knut Vaage: "Odyssé" (based on Griegs op.54) including some original Grieg movements
Conductor: Baldur Brönnimann
More info (word)

Baroniet Rosendal
Concert at Borggården, August 12
Lydlandskap (Soundscape)
BIT20 Ensemble
Composer: Knut Vaage
Introductions: Gunnar Danbolt
Conductor: Baldur Brönnimann
Trombone: John-Arild Suther
Electronics/sound design: Thorolf Thuestad
Video: HC Gilje
"multiMORF 3 for trombone og foss" (world premiere)
BIT20 writes about the concert:
BIT20 celebrate Knut Vaages fiftieth birthday at the stunningly beautiful manor of Rosendal with the world premiere of "multiMORF 3". This multimedia-piece de-stabilizes the boundaries between nature and culture, by fusing sounds of waterfalls and the trombone.
More info (Word-Norwegian)
Media/Articles (pdf)
Review from local newspaper Grenda (Norwegian, pdf)

The people behind Borggården concert
(From left: Knut, HC, Thorolf and John-Arild, some of the crew behind the concert in Rosendal)

Documentation version of "Electra", for el.violin, computergenerated tape and video.
Performed at SMC 2011 in Padova, July 9
Victoria Johnson, el.violin and Ellen Røed, video
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New pieces:
"Nøkkerose" for female choir, flute, cello and piano
"En klump med leire", for mixed choir, lyrics: Hanne Bramness
"(...kammerkommentar II...)", for chamber orchestra

Opera in two acts "Khairos" delivered as commissioned by Den Norske Opera & Ballett. Libretto: Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen. Premiere at Scene 2 in the season 2012/13

Norwegian Landings, Festspillene i Bergen
The Norwegian Armed Forces Band, Western Norway (FMKV) performs "Fremad marsj!", May 28, Torgallmenningen at 13.00-14.00
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Victoria Johnson: Electric violin in the digital space
NMH Levin and Lindemannsalen, Monday March 28 at 19.00
Tickets Nkr 150/50
Reservation due to limited seats:
Henrik Hellstenius: "Victoria Teller"
Victoria Johnson/Alexander R. Jensenius: "Transformation"
Thomas Dahl: "No Reason Aftermath"
John Hegre: TBA
Peter Tornquist/Victoria Johnson: Improvisation
Knut Vaage: "Multimorf II"
Knut Vaage "Electra"
Victoria Johnson: El- violin
Thorolf Thuestad: Sound design
Edvin Østvik: Sound design
Alexander Refsum Jensenius: Motion capture, light
Peter Tornquist: Laptop
HC Gilje and Ellen Røed: video
Direction consultants: Jon Tombre/Henrik Hellstenius
Scenographer: Sunniva Bodvin
Light: Sjur Brinck-Johnsen
Sound: Knut Vik
Stage management: Victoria Bomann-Larsen
Produced by Victoria Johnson
More info: 

Einar Røttingen performs "Point of View", March 1 in Nanjing, China, at Nanjing Arts Institute.


Opening of exhibition at Kabuso, February 26

Portrait, "Musikk i brennpunktet", NRK Radio P2, Wednesday, January 19 at 21.03 – 22.00

Nominated for Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian) for "Gardens of Hokkaido", in the category "Contemporary composer"